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Drone Services

We offer a wide range of drone services. With our certified training we are qualified to fly our drones in any situation. With our training and hands on assessment we are able to deliver the best product for you.



Real Estate Videography

We offer drone videography for real estate agents looking to add a sales punch. Our footage will make sure to capture the property and peak the viewers interest.


Company Drone Work

Are you looking to ramp up your online marketing or just your website? We offer drone services to showcase your business as well.


Recreational Drone Work

Are you looking for a specific event to have aerial footage or photos? We also offer that as well!


Real Estate Photography

Our drone photography services are perfect for showcasing the property and its entirety. These images are taken and edited too the highest of quality.


Sports Team

Looking for a truly unique video experience? Our drone videography over a sports event is something that is unique. Paired up with our sports video packages we make sure the best action is captured. Contact us for more information.



For any and all questions regarding any of our services please contact us at 780-717-3138 or

Absolutely Fantastic!!! Good Job. I will for sure be in contact with you for future real estate projects!

Kevin Quintal Remax Real Estate

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