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Future of Photography?

A dying art of photography being taken over by stock images and iphones, but yet at the same time the type of photography that is expanding and growing into different fields.

Companies are starting to grow and explore and kick the old school ways out the doors. This is meaning a wave of brand new of thinkers are now coming through those doors. Digital marketers, content creators, photographers, videographers are now influencing the market more then ever.

The world has been involving into a online world where anything can be ordered from the click of a button. People are clicking, sharing and posting more and more everyday as news and information is now all accessible from the palm of our hands.

Companies are now starting to pick up on this movement and are hitching a ride. Which means for content creators we are slowly moving into a great new wave of work.

We have moved from stock images to full time positions being hired for our knowledge and abilities.

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